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Winnebago Revel vs Jayco Terrain: Battle for the Class B RV

Updated: Feb 23

Which is the best class b RV? The two biggest names in the market go head to head. Find out which is better and how it stacks up with the rest of the competition.

For starters, the 2024 Winnebago Revel 44e built on the 2023 Mercedes Benz Sprinter AWD 144WB starts at $223,495 as their website lists. The Jayco Terrain on the same chassis starts at $212,250 for the 2023, with their 2024 prices likely to be higher.

If you want to zig-zag your eyes left and right, here are the two brochures for the two vans - 2024 Winnebago Revel 44e and the 2024 Jayco Terrain 19y. However, you'll come to realize that both are about the same with a wet bath, cassette toilet, power lift bed, awning, 3 cu ft. fridge, a MaxxAir Fan, and a 21 gallon freshwater tank capacity. There are some small differences like 2nd row bench seat vs bucket seats or overall aesthetic.

The Sprinter vehicles it's built on are the same as well - AWD, High Roof, 144WB (19.5ft long) with options like adaptive cruise control, touchscreen multimedia infotainment center, intelligent voice control, traction control etc.

The big difference here is the suspensions upgrades and the electrical system, where the Winnebago Revel boasts 52% more battery size, which means you can be off-grid for longer compared to the Jayco Terrain. The Winnebago Revel also has more insulation than the Jayco Terrain - more on these items later.

Does the Winnebago Revel or Jayco Terrain have better reviews or a bigger market share?

The Winnebago Revel has been around for a lot longer than the Jayco Terrain, and with a larger van life market share they have more aftermarket vendors that cater to the Revel. Both vans are built on the same chassis with a very similar layout so we're talking minor aftermarket solutions like an additional storage compartment. However, RV Shops will have more experience doing warranty work on Revels - more on this later too. Jayco is no small company, with 321,000 daily website visitors vs Revel's 387,000.

As a more up-and-coming product line, the Terrain 19Y is increasing their market share fast, but reviews like these also often show up

So what's the Best Class B RV?

Here's the real 2024 best new RV analysis.

Winnebago Revel vs Jayco Terrain spec spreadsheet comparison

The highlights here tell a high level summary, but there is a lot more that goes on beyond this.

The bottom line is that RV dealers mark up 40% on top of what the manufactures make. When Brooklyn Campervans spends 3-4 months crafting the vans, you can truly experience the difference than a van that is made in 5 days.

The advantages of Brooklyn Campervans' builds are the no-set up Starlink, 2x fresh water storage, 4x more insulation, 4x more solar, so we're talking a lot more time in nature and less time worrying when you'll run out of water and battery and putting a pause on your trip. Also no blackwater tank or cassette toilet means no frequent trips to dump sites!

Brooklyn Campervans employs the latest technology and power solutions. The other game changer is no-setup satellite internet. Their custom built-in Starlink ROAM solution is always on. *This is very different than the regular Starlink, where to set up - one would need to put the dish on a tripod, put it somewhere safe, wire it, and sync to a phone EACH time. With constant satellite internet available, it opens a whole new world of Bluetooth connections for remote monitoring for cameras, battery levels, temperature and so on. This is a huge peace of mind for pet owners. Reliable internet is also perfect for those that want to stream movies, do remote work, and feel safely connected while traveling alone.

At the end of the day - Brooklyn Campervans can keep up with technology and constantly innovate because they do not mass produce vans!

Which Class B RV has the best design?

The best way to compare is side by side.

The Winnebago Revel 44e

The Jayco Terrain 19Y

Brooklyn Campervans

At Brooklyn Campervans the design is crafted with the highest quality materials and it is based on what you want - so there's really no going wrong with it. As a small company, they have built a team of expert craftsmen. A larger company simply does not have the time or desire to hand tile, do textured paint, or build each countertop based on the material you want.

What camper van company has the most upgrade options?

When building a camper van upgrades need to be planned at the very beginning. The main reason is that most upgrades are electronic, and wires are hidden behind the walls like a home. Another big reason is that with it being built on the Mercedes Sprinter van - we're talking a small space, so planning should not be an afterthought.

For example, between the Winnebago Revel and the Jayco Terrain, you buy the vans as is, you cannot expand past 215w of solar or add more battery, but you can add plenty of exterior modifications from 3rd parties.

Brooklyn Campervans not only does all exterior modifications as a one-stop-shop, it also allows for plenty more upgrades because you get to customize it at the START of the build.

This means you pay for what you want, and nothing you don't. It also means that you get to choose from a lot more options than a van that's built for the masses. You can go from a stealth city van to an overlanding rig for mountain biking, and the inside can change drastically between builds as well.

Here are just a couple upgrades that hasn't been mentioned:

Security Camera System - 360 degree security camera system with infrared recording capabilities and a monitor to always see what's around you

Rearview Camera Mirror - Wide screen HD rear view mirror helps with blind spots. The package also includes front and back dash camera, which may help lower RV insurance.

Solar Panels + Walkable Solar Roof Deck - Upgrade to 800w of panels or upgrade your solar panels to marine grade, so they can double as a roof deck. Enjoy sunset dinners or yoga on the deck.

Electric Step-Up Boards - Automatic running boards are not offered elsewhere on new vans, but at Brooklyn Campervans they have been tested - tried and true. They preserve the clearance of the vehicle, which is essential to make use of the AWD Sprinter vans off-the-beaten path.

Home Theater - Built in, hidden, and automatic. The space transforms into a home theater with a projector. The bed turns into a couch, and all lights or colors are programmable for the ultimate movie night.

Skylight - The slide out skylight is unique in that all other camper van sky lights are clam-shell. The benefit of this skylight is that you can enjoy the stars without seeing your reflection or dirty finger prints!

Custom woodworking - If you want extra storage space, a countertop extension, a fold-down exterior table, it is all possible.

Floor Plans - There are lot more than just the one floorplan offered elsewhere. Select from different plans in the 144WB or 170WB Sprinter chassis. Indoor wet bath or outdoor shower, fixed bed or convertible bed, pop-top to sleep 6 etc.

BKC Swing Out Panels - These panels literally open up the van, so you can enjoy the summer breeze and beautiful views from bed when you wake up in the morning. Here are 6 reasons why our past clients love it.

Design - Real shower tiles, specialty paint, colors, upholstery, everything is possible.

What camper van uses the best materials?

Brooklyn Campervans uses more high quality sustainable materials with local companies. From using Sheep's Wool as an option for insulation to Paper Stone countertops, not only are they safer, higher quality, they are also more environmentally friendly. Most importantly, the cabinets and walls are built out of high quality wood that will last you a lifetime - not particle board that will come loose over time.

What company has the best warranty?

"It’s hard enough to get an appointment with Mercedes for servicing the Sprinter chassis, let alone scoring an appointment with an RV repair shop when something goes wrong with the Revel’s house. It could be weeks, even months." These same RV Shops also service every other model of RVs from Class A to Class C - and yes the Jayco Terrain 19Y as well. "Of the repair shops where we took our Revel, almost all admitted they had never worked on a Revel. Some had never even worked on a Class B. This results in more troubleshooting hours at a high per hour service rate and sometimes return visits."

Brooklyn Campervans builds in a simple way that makes everything easily serviceable. Over the past 3 years they have built a nationwide network of camper van builders that span all across the United States. This reciprocal agreement means that everyone specializes in similar Class B camper vans. In the extremely unlikely scenario an issue cannot be solved, a Brooklyn Campervans technician will hop on the next flight to you or pay for the delivery of your van to be delivered to Brooklyn. As a small company, bespoke customer service goes above and beyond just warranties - it includes assistance from when you get the van, to help when you eventually sell the van.

Which camper van has the best power solution?

Following the topic of warranties, the electrical system is the most prone to issues. We often get people in camper vans built by other companies reach out to us for servicing electrical issues, which is the #1 most frequent topic. These electrical systems are incredibly intricate and complicated, and since each company does it differently, it is hard to service.

Brooklyn Campervan uses the EcoFlow Power Kits which has a 5 year warranty with dedicated support for the company. The simple plug and play system is easy to fix, expand upon, or replace.

Besides this, EcoFlow Power Kits also offers the following standout advantages:

  1. All-in-one solution. There are no longer 5 components (MPPT, Inverter, etc.) with a nest of thick wires that can get caught or go wrong. The EcoFlow Power Kit is space saving, compact, much lighter, and more powerful.

  2. 3600w Inverter beats the 2000w in Revel. Run more stuff without tripping the breaker and overloading your system.

  3. Automatic warming: batteries don't function well in cold temperatures, and EcoFlow Power Kits includes an automatic heating pad.

  4. Universal shore power plug charging. With better technology you can charge the van like you charge your laptop. You no longer are limited to 30 amp plugs at RV Parks.

In 2022 Winnebago switched to a 12V Air Conditioner, which means it can finally run off-grid. However it is still well behind in keeping up with technology. It is no wonder that word on the streets is that Winnebago is switching over for their 2025 model.

The Winnebago Revel and Jayco Terrain Power Lift Bed System

The Revel and Jayco both sleep two with a common bed lift system. The system allows for more garage space underneath the bed, such as space for two e-bikes. This set-up is great for those who want to use the van as a cargo van, however if the storage is used, then the bed cannot be used.

With a lift bed you will also lose upper cabinet storage and sleeping space. The Mercedes Sprinter tapers in the higher you go. You not only lose a few inches, you may lose up to 1.5 feet if the bed passes the bump-out (Flarespaces), rendering the bed unsleepable for anyone over 5'5".

An alternative interior layout for a configurable bed is the U-Lounge Layout from Brooklyn Campervans. This allows a hangout area for 5 people, and the convertible bed that takes seconds. This maximizes storage underneath the seats and above in the upper cabinets.

Brooklyn Campervans builds custom vans, so if you prioritize storage, gear garage space, hanging out, a comfortable bed, it can all be customized based on your needs.

What has the media said about the Winnebago Revel vs. Jayco Terrain?

Between the Jayco Terrain and Winnebago Revel, the media and the stats show that the Revel is slightly more superior. However, out of the other Class B RV's The Autopian puts it succinctly:

"I really like what appears to be an incredible level of detail here. Earlier this year, I took a tour of the $210,292 Winnebago Revel. This was a van from Winnebago, a household name in RVs. Yet, the interior almost felt like it was tossed together from spares from the factory floor. Some material choices didn’t make sense and the fit seemed unbefitting of a van asking well into the six figures. The vans I’ve been in from Thor Motor Coach were similar, but at least their six-figure price tags start with a one and not a two. These vans? At least to my eye, it looks like every inch of the interior was thought about before it was slapped into place. Brooklyn Campervans seems to go the extra mile to make the van feel like a home away from home. I suppose how I’d describe it is that the Winnebago Revel felt like a van trying to be an apartment while these are apartments crammed into vans."


Between the Winnebago Revel and the Jayco Terrain, we recommend the Revel primarily for its larger battery. However, Brooklyn Campervans not only has a more robust electrical system, its build and design in terms of capabilities, material, aesthetic and technology surpasses any from mass production companies. The ability to customize allows you to design a camper van that fits your travel needs, and also in the style that makes you feel like you're at home. Finally, Brooklyn Campervans does it all a lot cheaper.

Frequently Asked Questions

2023 Winnebago Revel vs 2024 Winnebago Revel - what's new?

The big difference is the vehicle. The 2023 Winnebago Revel is built on the 4x4 2022 Mercedes Benz Sprinter chassis. This means it has a 3-liter turbo diesel engine and on-demand 4WD. The 2024 Winnebago Revel is built on the 2023 Sprinter, which is All-wheel-drive. For 2023, the Sprinter has replaced the 3.0 liter six cylinder turbo diesel engine for a new 2.0 liter inline-four cylinder twin-turbo diesel engine. Basically, this means the newer van is easier and smoother to drive, and is more off-road and dirt roads capable. Brooklyn Campervans will be building on the 2024 AWD Mercedes Sprinter.

Besides that, the new 2024 Winnebago Revel offers an improved electrical system and has brought the fresh water tank inside due to concerns of plumbing freezing. These are the main upgrades since the 2023 Winnebago Revel.

2023 Jayco Terrain vs 2024 Jayco Terrain - what's new?

The 2024 Jayco Terrain will also be upgrading from the 2022 four wheel drive Sprinter to the 2023 AWD Sprinter chassis. The customer value package will also now offer the Starlink satellite internet system. Besides that most upgrades are minor at a slight cost increase.

What is expected in the 2025 Winnebago Revel?

The major change expected is that will adopt the much better and compact all-in-one solution - the EcoFlow Power Kits. Another upgrade is the bench seat can separate to allow more room for two individuals. There will also be some changes to the bathroom and the door handles.

How long is a Winnebago Revel vs Jayco Terrain?

Both are built on the 144WB Mercedes Sprinter which has an exterior length of 19.5 feet. Brooklyn Campervans also builds on the 170WB Sprinter, which is 23 feet.

Which RV offers the best off-road capabilities?

The 2023 Winnebago Revel and the Jayco Terrain both are built on the same Mercedes Sprinter. However, Brooklyn Campervans offers automatic step-up boards to preserve clearance as well as a 2" Lift off-road package from Agile Off-road.

Can you do another side by side review?

Yes, 100%! Just let us know what to compare!


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