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The Concrete Oasis Camper Van Layout Review

A few months ago the Concrete Oasis Van Tours on Youtube took the internet by storm, and since then we've got a lot of people reaching out to us about doing a similar layout.

concrete oasis youtube video thumbnail

Recently we had two clients seriously ask us and we did a deep dive on the pros and cons. We found out that it's a great layout and we'd be happy to do it, but let's see which is better

In this article we're going to compare the Concrete Oasis Camper Van Layout with the Brooklyn Campervans layout that is the most similar. If you're interested in other layouts, then this "Ultimate Guide to Sprinter Van Conversion Layouts" article or video is for you.

For now let's focus on the similarities

What does the Concrete Oasis Camper Van have in common with the Brooklyn Campervans' layout

To compare apples to apples, we are comparing our most similar layout based on amenities and size. They are both:

  • 170WB Sprinters: This means that we're working with the same exact space.

  • Amenities: Pretty much both vans have the same amenities to varying degrees. There's a fixed wet bath, a kitchen space, dining space, and a lot of the appliances are the exact same. i.e. Dometic 12v AC Unit, Dometic Fridge, Brondell Nebia Shower Head, Laveo Dry Flush toilet, etc.

With the space in either layouts, all the tech can be easily customized to fit in either vans.

What we're really going to focus on is the layout, and how it makes you feel.

What makes the Concrete Oasis Layout so good?

  • Queen size bed: The lift bed means that a person can sleep north to south, and it also means that the bed can be as wide as the van.

concrete oasis camper van bed queen size

  • Projector setup: A projector at the foot of the bed works seamlessly with the lift bed, and allows for a much larger screen for quite the movie experience

  • Cab partition: The divider between the front passenger and driver seat area with the living space really makes the interior feel like a home and not a van. The partition also gives added privacy or security if needed.

concrete oasis camper van layout

  • Sweet Lounge: This lounge area is quite huge and the upholstery really makes it feel like home .

  • Shower: The shower in the back means more space to move around. It also allows for the toilet to be on a slider without encroaching in the living space storage. This convenience is pretty nice.

concrete oasis camper van shower and storage

  • Storage: The layout doesn't necessarily offer more storage, but it's storage space is very different than traditional campervans.

  • It's got a full wardrobe size closet with big slide out drawers.

  • Upper cabinet storage

concrete oasis layout interior design

  • Vertical storage in the garage.

  • Storage in this slide out

concrete oasis layout outside storage

What makes the Brooklyn Campervans Layout so functional?

  • Height: throughout a Brooklyn Campervans' van is 6'2" compared to 5'5" underneath the bed. For reference in the photo: I'm 5'8".

camper van interior height

  • Front cab space: the camper van is a small space, and Brooklyn Campervans makes use of the front cab space by swiveling the Driver and Passenger seat for a dinette space.

camper van interior lounge layout on Sprinter 170WB

  • Easy Access to living space: Part of the daily routine in van life involves getting to and from the front seats inside -e specially for stealth when it's time to sleep, you don't want to open your passenger door. Without a door and a bench seat blocking the way it is a lot easier

  • Legal seating: With seats behind the driver, Brooklyn Campervans installs road legal safe bench seats. This seat can fold down and become a guest bed, and it could also swivel away to face the views with the passenger door open.

second row swivel bench seat for camper van

  • Storage: The space here is different but more or less the same.

  • Underneath the bed

under bed storage in camper van garage
  • Upper Cabinets (which can be added onto the passenger side if needed)

custom 170WB Sprinter camper van with poptop
  • Longer kitchen unit means more countertop space and storage in this area

170WB Sprinter kitchen storage

Is the concrete oasis layout the best layout?

Ultimately both of our recent clients went with our layouts. For one of them, the deal breaker was the height. For the other they wanted more kitchen prep space and the legal seating.

My personal preference, the Concrete Oasis layout is the first I've seen that makes a lot of sense for the Sprinter 170WB. The divider wall close out the front space makes it truly feel like home, and it looks really good. The shower in the back is also beautiful, and the creative potential with tiles is unlimited.

concrete oasis interior layout

I'm a little claustrophobic, so with the divider wall closed, the shower back section mostly closed, the low ceilings, and top to bottom wardrobe unit,  it might make me a little uncomfortable, especially if I'm living in it with another person.

brooklyn campervans custom camper van for client

For me, this is a complete toss-up. Functionally I like the Brooklyn Campervans designs because there are more layout options for different people with different needs, not to mention all the options for the 144WB Sprinter.

Aesthetically, with the concrete oasis layout, there can be more design choices with more surfaces, which means there is some really cool potential.

I'm going to say it's a tie.

We personally, would love to build this layout. It is a little on the pricier side because there is more that goes into it.

If you want to learn more about the other Brooklyn Campervans layouts read the Guide to Sprinter Van Conversion Layouts! If you've done enough reading and want to get straight to building out your custom van, check out our Online Sprinter Camper Van Builder and the camper vans we have for sale.

Finally, if all this is a lot of information and you just want a free 1 to 1 consultation, you can schedule it here.


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