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5 Reasons Why BKC Swing-Out Panels Are Perfect for #Vanlife

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Here are our top 5 reasons why our Swing Out Panels are perfect for #vanlife:

1. Get Closer to Nature - Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your van.

Many cargo vans come without any windows. If there are windows, they might not open, and if they did they would obstruct your view. Since the van is already such a small space, it can feel dark and claustrophobic without any windows or airflow. But isn’t #vanlife all about visiting beautiful places and appreciating the epic views?

Our BKC Swing Out Panels allow you to majorly open up your space and properly appreciate the surrounding nature. See nature as it is, not through the tint of a window. Enjoy the view and smells of pine trees or a ocean breeze from the comfort of your bed first thing in the morning!

One client described the panels as like "being apart of nature as opposed to a zoo".

2. Stay Safe

All BKC Swing Out Panels are custom fabricated with safety in mind. They are made from

strong, eighth-inch steel, which is much more smash-proof than windows or even just the

factory van panels. The design is sleek and subtle, so they just look like a regular window from the outside and won’t attract any undesired attention.

The panels are secured with strong electromagnetic locks. The locks are designed to stay

locked, even if the van loses power for any reason. Therefore, you know that your van will

always be secure. A nice peace of mind for VanLife in New York!

3. Be Unique

It can be hard to stand out in the sea of white vans these days. However, our panels are custom fabricated by us, so no other van builders offer our exclusive panels. Installing the BKC Panels are a sure-fire way to bring a unique flair to your van that no one else will have.

4. Keep Cool

Air circulation is key when living in a van. That’s why we install MaxxAir Fans in all of our builds. However, these fans work best when you have additional sources of air flow in the van. Opening the BKC Swing-Out Panels provides a huge input of fresh air and helps to maximize air flow through the van. Additionally, the cross-breeze that you get will ensure that you can always keep cool on hot summer days and nights.

5. Share on Instagram

If you don’t share it on Instagram, is it even #vanlife?

Just kidding! But our Swing Out panels are extremely Instagrammable. They’re designed to frame out any view and make everything photogenic. We like to also add RGB LED light strips in the upper framing, to add the perfect foreground lighting for a shoot.

What Do You Get When You Order a BKC Swing-Out Panel?

After two years of intensive development, we’ve designed the Swing Out Panel kits to be very plug-and-play. They come mostly pre-assembled, and installation is even easier than installing a MaxxAir Fan. Each kit also comes with a template to make cutting into the van easy and less stress.

In addition to the panel itself, your install kit will include a set of gas struts to help you easily open and close the panel. The struts make it so easy that you can lift the panel with just a finger.

An accompanying remote control can unlock the panels with the push of a button. And don’t worry, if you ever need to quickly open the panels from the inside, there is also an easy manual release button as well.

How Can You Get a BKC Swing-Out Panel for Your Van Build?

At BKC, we currently offer Swing Out Panels as an upgrade option on all of our custom van builds. As they are always our clients' favorite feature, we want to bring our panels to the rest of the community. We are going to be launching these panels as a kit for DIY builders so anyone can install them on their vans at home or in their own workshop.

Currently we offer the BKC Panels for the High Roof RAM Promaster 136. 159, and 159WB ext. and the High Roof Mercedes-Sprinter 144WB.

Order Your BKC Swing-Out Panels Today

Are you interested in installing our exclusive BKC Swing Out Panels on your van? Contact us at


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